Mimi, the Little Umbrella

In a very busy town…

On a very busy street…

Was a very busy umbrella store.

At the very back of this umbrella store, lived a little umbrella named Mimi. But, Mimi wasn’t fancy at all… in fact, she was just a plain black umbrella. 

On rainy days, lots of people came into the umbrella store to buy, well …umbrellas! And the shopkeeper would always show them his fanciest umbrellas”….

….”But, the shopkeeper never showed plain little Mimi to anyone… and no one even asked for her.
So, she just lived quietly at the back of the store, waiting for the right person to come along.”….

Does the right person come along? Does Mimi ever get to leave the store?

I am not telling till some one publishes this story.

Mimi, the Little Umbrella is ultimately a reminder of finding extraordinary qualities in seemingly the simplest of things, if only we are willing to look deeper.

Flip through a redacted version of the story below. Click on full-screen for the full experience. If viewing on mobile, turn your mobile to a horizontal view. Thank you!

Full manuscript available upon request.

Let me know what you think!

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