my story

my story

As I couldn’t decide between art and science when the time for college rolled around, I got a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, and an M.S. in Sustainable Building Design.

During the years that I spent working as an architect and building scientist in San Francisco, I had helped in reducing tons of greenhouse gases and improving the air quality for thousands of workers and children.

I also continued to draw during my commute.

My illustrations appeared in a few books and posters.

Even though I had never quite completely outgrown my love of picture books, that love intensified as I stepped into middle age. Just like my beloved trees, whose roots have grown deeper and spread wider with age, perhaps, so, too, is the case with my cranial pathways, which seem to burrow deeper and stronger into the joys and memories of childhood, like drawing. 

So, I decided to take a career break and give life picture books of my own, using those very same themes of sustainability and co-existence that have remained constant through changes in professions and homelands.

While, the tropical thickets and abundant smells and sounds of my childhood have been replaced by the clearer skies and more urban existence of Berkeley, nature continues to inspire and energize me.

Thank you for visiting.



  1. Very nice writeup, Jhumki. Apart from having developed your artistic talent, you also have a gift for writing which comes through in the intro and in your other writings. Write and paint more, and have fun!



  2. Hi! I happened upon your blog when looking for other books by Chris Raschka, and I saw your blog profiled him (my two-year-old son’s favorite book is Yo! Yes?). I followed the white rabbit down the internet hole and saw you have profiled many other wonderful artists and authors, and i am sharing your blog on Facebook and will be checking back. I hope you are able to pay the bills, because your writing is fantastic, and you have done very diligent work to profile and gather all these artists and authors!
    Best of luck in life to you.


    1. Hi Bethany

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. As you can tell, I haven’t had updated my blog in a while… but your comment is inspiring me to start updating it again. There is a great illustrators blog out of Oakland, CA, called No, i have nothing to do with it- but it showcases great talent. You can check out my work at


  3. Aditi,
    You painted in school with (with me as well) and you are still painting beautifully. amazing writing skill. When are you publishing your first book?
    Would love to read it!
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Dear Aditi, I want to use Jamini Roy’s Crucifixion as the cover image of my forthcoming book. Do you know in which musewum this painting is housed? If I knew this, I could contac the museum about copyright permission. Many thanks, Nandini


  5. And then I stumble upon this…!! Memories of the Odissi dance, the fun times at Raurkella flood thru.

    Hope you doin well….

    And, best of luck with your book and the yes the chocolate mousse!! ;D

    Take care.


  6. Hi Aditi, it was a pleasure meeting you at the SF Center for the Book. Thanks for the kind words about my work; I enjoy your blog and see that we share a lot of the same interests and aesthetics! See you around ~


  7. hi aditi,

    your work is original..i connect with the indianess of the stories..i am a jewellery, accessory designer and chanced upon your site while looking for panchatantra stories .
    great work!


  8. Hey Aditi…You never stop amazing me ..
    How true it is to let the inner urge find a medium of expression!!
    I am happy.. you have already started your journey…The creative impetus is yet to see its finest stroke!!


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  10. Your writing conjures up images in my minds ey that is whre the success of the writer lies. keep it up great


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