Crimes of Fashion: Say No to Shahtoosh!

Not that anyone I know can afford it – all the same pass it on to those who can!

Shahtoosh [Persian for “King of Wool”] is considered to be the softest, warmest wool. This fiber, [prized by the high fashion industry, and called a ring shawl because a shawl can pass through a wedding band] has an uncanny ugliness, which overrides its uncanny beauty. Unlike sheep wool, Shahtoosh can’t be sheared. The Tibetan antelope that this fiber comes from, has to be killed, and the fiber pulled out from its pelt. Each 2m x 1m shawl costs thousands of dollars, and about three antelope lives.

More humane [and cheaper] options: Pashmina and Cashmere.

Chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii) carcasses of animals killed by poachers for their valuable fur, Arjin Mountain Nature Reserve, Xinjiang, northwestern China


AFTER (The Beauty and the Beast)

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  1. Dear a,
    i feel unconfortable with the name you have given to urself . hence i address u as a.
    The article on shahtoosh has as strong voice. The picture actually reflects the beast beneath the veneer of beauty- our inner human nature, nothing else matters before gratification of our own self. Very well done. I will look deeply into your other pieces and get back to u . The pictures of Rwandas are very strong too , painful , it makes one to want to look away from it . yet this is the reality, the scenes of larger gross injustice and inequalities that continue to plague the humanity.


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