A Man After My Own Heart: Picture Book Artist Andy Runton


Andy Runton. Owly - A Time to be Brave. 2007.
Andy Runton. Owly - A Time to be Brave. 2007.

The creator of Owly,  “a kind, yet lonely little owl who knows what it means to be human” – Andy Runton, is a man after my own heart.

“After college and a career in corporate America, [he] finally followed [his] heart and [hasn’t] looked back since. [His] artwork portrays [his] affection for wildlife, especially little birds, and [he] feels happiest when [he is] outside, under the Georgia sky.”

Well, I have abandoned my career in the sustainable building industry, love trees, squirrels, marine mammals and birds, am happiest outdoors, and embarking on a career in the visual and spatial arts, from which I hope I will never look back. His stories are eerily similar to the themes I have in mind for  the “Wicked Dragon” 

In Owly’s first adventure, “The Way Home”, Wormy, initially terrified of the bird of prey, moves from fear to trust when Owly saves his life and later convinces his skeptical worm parents that Owly is a valuable friend.

In “The Bittersweet Summer,” the pair befriends some hummingbirds who must leave them behind when it’s time to fly south for the winter.

“A Time to be Brave”, tells the story of new visitor to the forest. He may be misunderstood because of how he looks, but things aren’t always what they seem, and everyone soon finds out that the power of friendship can fix just about anything.

Quoted from Amazon.Com


Relying largely on pictures to tell stories about human relationships, which appeal to everyone from the infant to the grandparent, Andy Runton is a man after my own heart

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