Frank Chimero Interview

Excerpt from Grain Edit.

I like this section where he speaks about process:

More refinement. The illustration is nearing completion. The base of the illustration itself is finished, so it’s time for even further polish work. I enjoy flat shapes, but I think on their lonesome, they look dull on the page. So, I focus on two things. Edge and texture.

Frank Chimero process

8. Here we have the vector drawing with only the flat shapes. Looks computerish, right? I don’t like that. The idea didn’t come from a computer. We need to get some hands in to this. So, I’m going to pull a bit of texture into the illustration, and then muck up the edges so they aren’t so precise.

Frank Chimero process

9. This is what that same area looks like after I’m done texturing and messing with the edges. The textures come from scans of different surfaces, photocopies and paper I’ve collected. The edges get distorted by tracing over them with a real marker and paper. (I use a fine-tipped Sharpie on cheap copy paper, so it bleeds a little bit.) I then take the lines that I’ve drawn, scan them, and live trace them in Illustrator. The end result is what you see here.

Frank Chimero process

10. And finito! This is what the final piece looks like once all of the polish work is finished:

Let me know what you think!

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