Man: The Most Intelligent or the Dumbest Species?

This video by Steve Cutts, Man, sums it up nicely. Be warned, it has some violent imagery – but nothing that we are not used to seeing, or knowing, already!

My long time heroine, Jane Goodall, sums up what I have always thought. We must be the ONLY species on this planet that doesn’t know how to live in harmony with nature.

“I travel around the world 300 days a year, doing my best to make more people realize the harm we humans are doing to our planet. How is it possible that the most intellectual species that has ever existed is destroying its only home? I think one of the main reasons is selfishness and short-term thinking. By thinking only of the next quarter’s profit or our immediate wants, we are ignoring the impact of the choices we make today on generations to come. We are using up the resources of the planet as though they are inexhaustible – which is not true. This clever cartoon provides a chilling commentary of our selfish behavior.” – Jane Goodall.

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