I Was on BBC!

My two cents on today’s debate on Darfur. You can listen to it at World Have Your Say.

“I was 100% anti-military of any kind, till I read about the failure of humanity in Rwanda – Now I am convinced that there is something good about a Just War. The world should engage in a swift, and ‘humane’ mulitlateral intervention in Darfur. Diplomacy has been unsuccessful so far, and will take a lot of time. In the meantime, more will have died.”

Darfur: Whose Responsibility to Protect?

What do you think of the meeting in Paris – without the involvement of the AU? Does the International Community mean US, EU [and China]? Is segregated diplomacy enough?

You already know what I think. Most of the others don’t think military intervention is the best idea. For a peacenik like me, the failure to protect in Rwanda, convinced me that there can be something called a “Just War”. I think this is an opportunity for the US to use its bulldozing tactics for a good cause, and polish its tarnished image.

An exciting debate on BBC. Listen at World Have Your Say.

Read on the NYT.

Darfur: A Just War? (By Sergio)

It is important to outline that the Darfur conflict is a conflict that has been going on for several decades. The causes of the conflict are complex and can’t be attributed to a single government or ethnicity.

Tribes in the Darfur region have been engaged in an ongoing conflict for centuries. The identity of the war is neither ideological nor religious; it is primarily an ethnic conflict. It is the most difficult to deal with because it involves culture, parentage, race and many other factors too difficult or even impossible to change.

Therefore, acknowledging the difficult situation Darfur is going through, we can have a much clearer perspective of what is going on, and most important, if there a viable solution for the problem… is military intervention a legitimate and efficient tool to end or at least ameliorate this tragedy? Continue reading

Darfur: Never Again? Or Again, and Again?

I was engaged in an academic debate recently -“Should the International Community militarily intervene in Darfur?” For me, it was an unequivocal, “Yes!!”

It is that time again in the journey of mankind. The one we call the “greatest humanitarian crisis”, “ a terrible mass atrocity” or some such pitiful phrase. The last century had plenty. We shook our heads. Leaders, lawyers and diplomats pontificated. Continue reading