Helter Skelter, Gimme Shelter: Stories of Displacement, Loss and Identity.

Aditi Raychoudhury. Tree of Life (Detail). 2014. Limited Edition Screenprint.
Aditi Raychoudhury. Generations of Parrots Roosting in a Pipal Tree. 1996.

In my self-imposed, semi-displaced state, between houses, between a long, gainfully employed past, and an uncertain future, I often find myself thinking about the displaced around the world.

dis·place /[dis-pleys]
–verb (used with object), -placed, -plac·ing.
1. to compel (a person or persons) to leave home, country, etc.
2. to move or put out of the usual or proper place.

Displacement-free or forced, personal or communal, internal or cross border-tear at us, and those that we leave behind.

Part One: Home, Home Again?
Part Two: Paris and Palestine

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