Un Café Vs. A Cafe

Where are those people who have no place to be?

Un Café À Paris, France:
Percentage of people using laptops: 0%

A Cafe in Berkeley, California:
Percentage of people using laptops: 95%

Laptop distribution:
PowerBooks: 55%

Most sighted web page: Gmail

This data is based on observation and not an actual survey.



  1. The laptop culture probably started during the dotcom boom when a lot of freelancers worked out of cafes in the Bay Area, and I suppose caught on with students, because Portland has a couple of Universities, too (albeit not of the importance and size of UCB). I also have to add that this is a phenomenon present only in cafes with free Wi-Fi. Laptops don’t have such a strong presence in the more “traditional” University cafes.


  2. Great photos! From the number of laptops, a logician could infer the dominating presence of a University. Many fewer in the Portland (OR) cafes I had the chance to visit last week.


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