Part Two: Paris and Palestine

House of Stairs. 1951. MC Escher. Lithograph.

I am finally getting caught up on my reading for a class I am taking at Cal, on the history of Zionism and the 1967 war as a fundamental to understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict, taught by Israel’s foremost historian on the subject, Tom Segev. Why a class on understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict? Because what Paris is to fashion, Palestine is to conflict. If things become clearer in my head one of these days, I will publish a simplified post on it, if the issue can at all be simplified! I haven’t read about the evolution of Zionism yet, and am only in year 1917 in the modern history of Palestine, but I already feel like I am trapped in an Escher-stairscape!@$#%^)*&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introduction: Helter Skelter, Gimme Shelter
Part One: Home, Home Again?

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