Sketches from Nepal

Aditi Raychoudhury. Village Scene, Kirtipur, Nepal. 1991. Pen and Ink.
Aditi Raychoudhury. Village Gossip, Kirtipur, Nepal. 1991. Pen and Ink.

I have been drawing, sporadically, ever since I can remember. But, I have either lost them, or given them away, and didn’t have a camera, copier or scanner to document them. These sketches from my visit to Kathmandu in 1991, may be two of the earliest drawings I have with me.


  1. Hi Aditi,
    I feel proud to see the old sketches of my home place.
    You have done a good and appreciating job ,, very nice job.

    Thanks, and i will just say you to visit again the same place,, you will enjoy more..
    Welcome to Kirtipur, Nepal.


      1. Hello Aditi ji,
        Nepal is always the last fantasy of a traveller. Its a feast of all diversity for the art lover like you. You should come to Nepal again.
        Regarding the sketch ( village gossip); the place has changed alot since then and now recently a restoration process is finished and making the place more attractive.


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